Sugarloaf Bay

By Marco Ramires on 12 Sep 2018

Sugarloaf bay (Seal Rocks) - NSW

Split shots It’s a lot harder than you think.

As you may I know, I am getting into water photography more and more. Each time in the water is different and extremely challenging in many ways.

It reminds me a lot of surfing where you need to combine the knowledge of the location with the equipment you have to use.

I recently bought a large Aquatech Dome Port P-85 to match up with my favorite fisheye lens Tokina 10-17mm. After a bit of reading I decided to give it a go and try some split shots without huge expectations.

Things I had in mind: decent shutter speed (min 1/60), AI Servo Focus, clear water and usual ‘golden hour’.

Things I didn’t think of: smaller aperture for wide angle details, auto ISO compensation, different exposures in between water and sky.

Next time: midday sun for more detail in the water, set the camera mode to AV, set the aperture to constant f/11 which I find to be the ‘sweet spot’ for the Tokina 10-17mm, min shutter speed to 1/60 and auto ISO compensation.

It’s all about having fun!

(‘≗Å≗’) MR

Interesting reading:

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ISO 100 10mm f/5.6 1/320 | ref: IMG_6915

ISO 100 10mm f/5.6 1/80 | ref: IMG_6778

ISO 100 10mm f/5.6 1/100 | ref: IMG_6843

ISO 100 10mm f/5.6 1/160 | ref: IMG_6890

ISO 100 10mm f/5.6 1/100 | ref: IMG_6805

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