Tres Amigos

By Marco Ramires on 08 Sep 2018

Treachery Beach (Yagon) - NSW

It’s not always that you can take Mondays off.

We started the day very early leaving Sydney around 5:30am and reaching Seal Rocks by 9:30am. Surfing was looking really fun at Boomerang Beach (south corner). Crystal clear water and pealing small waves for the day.

Treachery Camp is the only place I know in NSW that you are allowed to make your own ‘bonfire’. In a private property, surrounded by dunes and nature it’s a pristine surf spot when it works.

Diego (our private chef) prepared the most flavored ‘fish stew’ (in portuguese: Caldo de Peixe) I had in a long time. Followed by good tunes next to the fire and cold beers to wrap up the day.

The van is coming up alright as you can see. Ah! We saw a dingo for the first time in the area.

Check Beachsafe website for more info about the camp.

Beachsafe: Treachery/Yagon NSW

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